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Collection of novelty and practical auto supplies

Friends who often come to spare tire children's homes to play must know that spare tire children in addition to public numbers, or to sell some car supplies to share with you.

For a variety of reasons, such as sales, or supply, there are still many interesting goods that are not sold to everyone.

Today, I share with you the products that I choose and find interesting, so that you can understand, if you are interested, you can buy them online or how. Then I began to talk.

Vehicle mattress

Vehicle mattress can relieve fatigue during outing.

The first one is the car bed mattress, the so-called car shock bed.

It has a big feature, that is to say, it is aimed at the situation of our rear seats, it is higher at one end, lower at the other, on our back seat, just can be flat.

This name is not elegant. It seems to be called a car shock bed. In fact, the scientific name is called air cushion bed.

When we go out for an outing, play or even visit relatives and friends, we park a car below and wait for people. It's actually very comfortable to have such a cushion bed. Long-distance travel is also a sharp tool to alleviate fatigue.

Heating seat cushion

The seats will not be cold in winter.

Then, heating the seat cushion, especially the north or the friends who are afraid of the cold, is really a better choice.

It is a very ordinary looking seat cushion on our chair, with an extra wire inserted in the cigarette lighter, a minute or so, we can let our body and seat contact each part is warm, very comfortable and convenient.

This configuration is usually available in high allocation vehicles.

That function often requires 4.5 million very expensive cars, but also to be highly matched, and now spend a few hundred dollars to have this enjoyment.

In fact, I think it's really valuable to choose this product from friends in the north or girls who are afraid of cold in winter.

Vehicle emergency toilet

It can be used at high speed and other places.

The third one is more exotic. I flipped over and over and called for a car emergency toilet. This toilet is foldable, and there are plastic bags in it.

Well, when we joke, we say, "Oh, we're in a hurry on the highway. There's no way. The boy takes a plastic bottle. What about the girl?" Is it possible to build a rain cape over there and put a rain cape in it?

No leakage, germicidal and odorant.

This is more practical, and it considers more, on the one hand, it will not leak the danger of this design.

Then you will give the polymer water absorbent bag and the sterilization deodorization bag. You have solved your problem. If you put them together, you will not feel the existence of them at all.

Vehicle mobile phone absorbs magnetic stickers

I think this is still a very interesting product to share with you.

More convenient than mobile phone bracket

Then, the mobile phone absorbs magnetic stickers. Actually, there are many friends who buy this phone.

I personally feel a little bit troublesome about this thing, that is, you have to install a piece of iron on your mobile phone shell, and then it's magnetic absorption, first pasted on the car with 3M glue, and then you can absorb this mobile phone whenever you don't use it later, it's very convenient to take it up and put it down.

Just put a piece of iron on the back of the cell phone.

One of the reasons I didn't sell this thing is that it's a headache to put an extra piece of iron, but after I got used to it, it's still a good choice.

I'm still in a tangle. I don't know how many friends I like. If there are many, leave a message for me. I can consider giving you something of good quality and cheap.

Vehicle power inverter

I think that again speak a few, with little chance, but really want to use when the mood will be very good, what things?

Vehicle power inverter, inverse is the inverse of the reverse, reverse exercise of the inverse, what is this thing?

Convert 12V cigarette lighter into household 220V

Our general cigarette lighter or power plug is 12 volts, isn't it?

But sometimes, we use some electrical appliances, it is 220 volts, the inverter is a cigarette lighter plug in your side, it will become a 220 volt.

It's very convenient to use household appliances when driving.

The things you think about, usually as useless, but in fact, we in the long-distance travel or self driving tour time is very practical.

For example, you just say what Xishuangbanna to swim back in the car while driving back all wet, with a hair dryer, comfortable.

The charging treasure run out of power, the notebook also when there is no electricity, can you give me a notebook electrical charge, is this convenient, use 220 volts or very large.

Inverter is not very expensive. I think buying it is quite worthwhile if need be.

Multifunctional car back pocket

Then tell a bar, multifunctional car back bag, is that we are not driving a seat, backrest side of it, we can hang a bag, instantly put you from the low car into a luxurious first-class cabin.

Provide plenty of storage space for backseat passengers.

The table above, all kinds of bags, a iPad, a mobile phone chips, 2, 2 bottles of cola, what things are all put up, and also below the napkin



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